Màn hình proface GP2500-TC41-24V, GP2500-TC11-M, GP2500-TC41-24V-M Convert to PFXGP4501TADW


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12 Tháng

Nhà phân phối tại Việt Nam

  GP-2500T GP-4501TW
Model No.

AC Type Power Supply : GP2500-TC11
DC Type Power Supply : GP2500-TC41-24V

AC Type Power Supply : -
DC Type Power Supply : PFXGP4501TADW

Coated Model

AC Type Power Supply : GP2500-TC11-M
DC Type Power Supply : GP2500-TC41-24V-M

AC Type Power Supply : -
DC Type Power Supply : PFXGP4501TADWF0C
Display Type TFT Color LCD
Display Colors 256 colors (without blink)/
64 colors (with blink)
65,536 colors (without blink)/
16,384 colors (with blink)
Display Resolution VGA(640×480 pixels)
Panel Cutout Dimensions (mm) W301.5xH227.5mm
External Dimensions (mm) W317×H243×D58mm


Touch Panel Type Resistive film (Matrix) NEW!
Resistive film (Analog) *1
Memory (Application) 4MB UP!
Memory (SRAM) 256KB NEW!
128KB *2
Input Voltage AC100 to 240V or DC24V NEW!
DC24V *2
Backup Battery Secondary Battery
(Rechargeable Lithium battery)
Primary Battery
(Replaceable Lithium battery)*2
Serial I/F (COM1) D-Sub25 pin (socket)
D-Sub9 pin (plug) 
RS-232C *2
Serial I/F (COM2) D-Sub9 pin (plug)
D-Sub9 pin (plug)
RS-422/485 *2
Ethernet I/F 10BASE-T UP!
CF Card I/F - *2
SD Card I/F - NEW!
USB Type A - NEW!
USB Type mini B -
Tool Connector I/F -*2
Printer I/F Centronic-compliant (parallel) NEW!
Auxiliary I/O I/F - *2
Sound Output I/F
Expansion Unit I/F
(For Communication Unit)
Expansion Unit I/F
(For Video Unit)

*1 If you have used the 2-point touch input on GP2000 series, change to the 1-point touch input setting using the switch delay function of GP-Pro EX.
  If you replace GP-4501T, you can select the Matrix type that enables 2-point touch input at the same time.

*2 There are some restrictions regarding replacement with recommended substitutes. For further information, please refer "Replacement Guidebook".

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