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Công Ty TNHH Kỹ Thuật Điện Hiệp Lực Mr Bình:TEL:0905 496 424- 0903 743 151 Email: dhl.sale04@gmail.com Skype: dhl.sale04 YaHoo: thanhbinh850036

Supply Voltage and Current 10 to 30V dc (10% max. ripple) @ less than 20 mA
Sensing Range Opposed:2 m
Non-polarized Retroreflective:1.5, specified using one model BRT-60X40C retroreflector
Retroreflective:1 m, specified using one BRT-60X40C retroreflector
Fixed-field:15, 30 or 50 mm cutoff, depending on model
Supply Protection Circuitry Protected against reverse polarity and transient voltages
Output Configuration Bipolar:One NPN (current sinking) and one PNP (current sourcing); light operate (LO) or dark operate (DO), depending on model
Output Rating 50 mA total across both outputs with overload and short-circuit protection OFF-state leakage current:
NPN:200 µA
PNP:10 µA
ON-state saturation voltage:
NPN:1.25V @ 50 mA
PNP:1.45V @ 50 mA
Output Protection Circuitry Protected against false pulse on power-up; short-circuit protected
Output Response Time Opposed:1.3 milliseconds ON; 900 microseconds OFF
All others:700 microseconds ON/OFF
Delay at Power-up 120 milliseconds; outputs do not conduct during this time.
Repeatability 175 microseconds
Switching Frequency Opposed:385 HZ
All others:715 Hz
Indicators 2 LED Indicators:
Green ON steady:power ON
Green flashing:output overloaded
Yellow ON steady:light sensed
Yellow flashing:marginal signal
Construction Polarized Retroreflective:Thermoplastic elastomer housing with glass lens
All others:Thermoplastic elastomer housing with polycarbonate lens
Connections 2 m or 9 m attached PVC cable, or 150 mm pigtail with threaded 4-pin Pico-style quick-disconnect fitting. QD cables are ordered separately.
Operating Conditions Temperature:-20° to +55° C
Storage temperature:-30° to +75° C
Relative humidity:90% max. @ 50° C (non-condensing)

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